Sunday 6 January 2013

Week 21: Postponed!

It may have been slightly noticeable this week that their was no Grambling action.  

Having spent the past fortnight, and unfortunately the festive season, in hiphopspital, on Thursday, the surgeon invited me to the theatre... And I thought, 'that's just swell!'  But he was lying.  Rather than treating me to Shakespeare, he cut me open poked about my insides for eight hours!

Having been in intensive care since then, with many a tube emerging from one's body, it seemed both inappropriate and impossible to complete the task this week.  Which is a shame as it was quite definitely going to be THE week.  Never-mind, I am hopefully fixed now and next weekend will be a return to form.  In the meantime, I'm away to play with this magical self-administering morphine button... Aaaaaaah!

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