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  1. This little garden in Blantyre musta missed the invite. My goodness would I have lapped up some luscious little sandwitches loaded with appropriate stuff. So Mr Gramble, I hereby must say that this little event has to be advertised so one can visit for a peece. I don't recall any ads in any previous Grambles, or I'm just a lazy reader. So, get a peece made up and I will come up and visit with my donation.
    Yours effervescently
    Mr Todd McGrumble

  2. Dear Todd,
    Only just read your comment re our Tea for Stewart. Sorry, you didn't receive an invite. We will definitely send you one for next year's event... Oh, hang on, you're anonymous. Might be difficult.
    Yours with lots of love,
    The Grambler.
    PS. See you on the 20th at the MacFloyd gig.