What is The Grambler?
The Grambler is a football betting project set up at the start of the 2012/13 season.  The idea behind it is that my track-record with betting is so woeful that I would be as well allowing a spreadsheet with no knowledge of football to pick my bets.  The spreadsheet contains two random number generators; one selects the game in question and the other selects the result (home win, draw or away win).

How does the spreadsheet work?  

For a detailed answer to that question, read this.

What do you bet on? 

Each week, I will place a bet on an accumulator of five games, all selected by The Grambler.  The games will be selected from the professional leagues of England (Premiership to League Two inclusive) and Scotland (SPL to Division Two inclusive).  If there is an international break with enough games on, I will place the bet on all competitive internationals.  
Amendment - Occasionally, at the whim of The Grambler, I will place a bet on horse racing.  Why?  Why not?

When will the bets appear on the blog?

I aim to have the bet online by Friday afternoon.  A preview of the games will appear on the blog around this time but the bet is normally placed on Facebook earlier.  The results from each weekend's bet will appear sometime between Sunday evening and Tuesday morning.  Again, the best way to find out when they are available is to follow The Grambler on Facebook.
Amendment - If a bet is going on horse racing, this will not always be included in the blog.  See Twitter ( @LetsGramble ) each day for details.

Has The Grambler won anything yet?
Yes.  Refer to 'Winnings' page.

What will happen with the winnings?

At the end of the season, all winnings will be donated to the Bobby Moore Fund for Bowel Cancer Research (via https://www.justgiving.com/Geraldine-Smith3/ )

Why that charity?

It is a cause that is very close to my heart and bowels.

Would you not be better just giving the betting money to charity?
A question I have actually been asked outside of this imaginary conversation... Whilst it would perhaps be more sensible to donate the money directly to the charity, the sums involved are very small.  A £1 bet is placed each week, a bet which I would normally have placed and lost anyway.  The odds of actually winning are very slim, but if I do... Jackpot!  Some weeks, if the predictions are good, I may place a doubles or trebles bet to recoup some money for the fund.  This is how I have money in the fund already.  At the end of the season, I will tally up the number of weeks on which I have wasted £1, and add the total to the fund.  So either way, the charity will be receiving money.  But more importantly, they will be receiving some publicity.  The majority of people I have spoken to are not even aware of the Bobby Moore Fund or the information they provide.  Spreading awareness can help to save lives.

Amendment - As of Week 7 2013 the bet became £2.20 per week - 10 x 20p doubles and 1 x 20p accumulator - on 5 games (or horse races).

Can I follow The Grambler on Facebook?

Of course you can!  Go to www.facebook.com/LetsGramble and click the 'like' button.  You will be first to hear about all of the latest news and bets.

Can I follow The Grambler on Twitter?
If you really want to... I do not understand the point of Twitter but do update occasionally.  You can follow the Grambling @LetsGramble.  

Does the Grambler have an official Serie A partner?
It certainly does!  In 2013, a good friend with a passion for Italian football decided to assist The Grambler's fundraising efforts by placing weekly random bets on the top tier of the Italian league.  And so The Gramblerzhgi was born!  After just seven weeks, the first winning bet arrived and a further £25 went straight to the Bobby Moore Fund.  You can follow the predictions of The Gramblerzghi weekly via The Grambler Facebook page and on Twitter @Gramblerzghi.

Can I buy any official Grambler merchandise?

Yes you can.  You can buy shirts and stickers by clicking on http://www.redbubble.com/people/supergezza and choosing from all the lovely goodies on offer.  All profits from sales go directly to the Bobby Moore Fund.  Wear the Grambler name with pride, knowing that by making the purchase you are helping to kick bowel cancer's backside!


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