Thursday 27 August 2015

Week 4 - Two years on - Stewart remembered

Some of you regular readers of will be aware of the significance of today's (Saturday) date, the 29th of August; it is two years since Stewart David Smith, the originator of this blog, died.
I felt that it was not appropriate to write the usual nonsense this week.  So, no betting or teasers this week.  Normal service will be resumed next week.  I also felt that it would be wrong to ask friends and family to again give their thoughts; that was last year's anniversary blog.
So this year, I want you all to refer to some older editions; those penned by Stewart in the early days of the blog; those written after he knew that he would not survive long and some of those written in his memory.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and hope that you will continue to enjoy my (g)ramblings for a long time to come.
At the end of this post (as with all posts) there is a chance for you to leave a comment.  Please, this week especially, take the time to leave a message giving your thoughts on Stewart, on bowel cancer or even your views on the blog itself.  

Some of those blogs worth a read?  How about...
5th October 2012 - Week 8
2nd November 2012 - Week 12
28th November 2012 - Week 16
22nd December 2012 - Week 19
29th December 2012 - Week 20
12th January 2013 - Week 22 (particularly poignant)
9th February 2013 - Week 23
17th August 2013 - Week 1 (again poignant)
25th August 2013 - Week 2 (incredibly sad - Stewart's final post)
20th September 2013 - Week 3
13th December 2013 - Week 15 (another sad one)
2nd January 2014 -Week 18
30th August 2014 - Week 4 (the thoughts of some of Stewart's friends and family)
2nd April 2015 - Week 35
There you are, 14 suggested posts.  There are, however, over 170 other posts to read should the mood take you.

Also, have a look at Stewart's other pages online...

So, a bit of a mixed bag for you to read in there.  A completely different this week, I admit.  I hope you appreciate this little diversion from the norm.

Happy grambling.

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