Saturday 23 February 2013

Week 25: Scratch and sniff edition!

It has been an eventful week in the world of football, which in spite of it's name is not actually a planet but a metaphoric term used to encompass all of the happenings in football town (similarly, not a real town).  FIFA has announced that goal-line technology shall be in place at the next World Cup, which is obviously hugely important because Frank Lampard once scored a disallowed goal at a tournament in a game which was soundly lost anyway, didn't you know?  It's not like the media mention it often or anything... 

Meanwhile in the Champions League, Arsenal were outclassed by Bayern Munich, much to the surprise of ITV's football 'expert' Andy Townsend, who failed to realise that the Bundesliga leaders and last year's Champions League runner-up might actually be a bit good and didn't know that they might stand a chance against an Arsenal side who have failed to do anything of note since 2006... How do these people get a job in punditry?

And finally, the news that everyone has been talking about as the messiah returned home.  Yes, that's right... James MacFadden has re-signed for Motherwell.  After speculation across the globe, the Chosen One agreed one agreed to play in the sacred claret and amber until the end of the season, football fans from far and wide expressed their joy.  Potential Bolivian presidential candidate for 2014 Garcia Linera said "I'm buzzin' to see Faddy back at the Well.  He's pure magic!" 

If you continue to read below, you will notice that there are predictions for this weekend.  It may have been said before, but I am full of confidence that this week will be the one.  I think that you should put all of your personal savings on this coupon as it is 100% guaranteed to be correct*.  We have 66 games for The Grambler to Gramble on this weekend, including the season's first major cup final as Swansea take on underdogs Bradford at Wembley for the Capital One Cup.  Also, can I smell a bonus Both Teams to Score bet?  Possibly.  read on, my good man (or lady (or ladyman)).

I'm running late again this week for various reasons so no time for the usual award-winning analysis.  I'm sure that you will be glad of this development.  

*Please note: This guarantee is void and I do not recommend putting any more than a £1 stake on this bet (and even that is not highly recommended) as it will definitely be wrong.  Refunds are not available.

Game 1: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Burnley
Prediction: Home win
Odds on this result: 11/10

Game 2: Fulham vs Stoke City
Prediction: Home win
Odds on this result: 11/10

Game 3: Montrose vs Annan Athletic
Prediction: Home win
Odds on this result: 10/11

Game 4: Reading vs Wigan Athletic
Prediction: Draw
Odds on this result: 12/5

Game 5: Sheffield Wednesday vs Crystal Palace
Prediction: Draw
Odds on this result: 12/5

Total odds on this week's bet are 96/1! Yipeetastic!

And as promised, have a Mega Fantastic Extra Value Bonus Bet!:

Game - Both Teams to Score? - Odds
Cowdenbeath vs Raith Rovers - Yes - 8/13
Celtic vs Dundee - Yes - 13/8
Shrewsbury vs Stevenage - No - 5/6
Peterhead vs Queens Park - Yes - 8/11
Blackburn Rovers vs Leeds United - No - Evens

Total odds for the Grambler Super Exciting Mega Bonus Bet! are 26/1! Fantabulous!

Happy Grambling!

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