Wednesday 6 March 2013

Week 26 Results: Complimenti! Sapevamo che ce l'avresti fatta!

Well The Grambler did get one prediction correct on Saturday... The prediction that the bet presented was a steaming pile of monkey faeces.  Of the five predictions made last weekend, one... yes that's right, ONE was correct.  This would normally be quite disheartening but for once I shall not be dwelling upon this hopeless, embarrassing, depressing result.

For you see, last weekend was not entirely wasted as The Grambler's official Serie A partner The Gramblerzhgi has been raking it in!  For those you not in-the-know, The Gramblerzhgi has been running for the past seven weeks and is the brainchild of our very own Italian correspondent Andino Tinicelli.  The Gramblerzhgi has placed a number of bets each week at random using the games of Serie A, top goalscorers and occasional other bets that I probably don't even understand.  And this weekend, it paid off with a win of £25 (approximately €29.02)!  Sig. Tinicelli has kindly agreed to get on board with The Grambler and donate the money to them lovely peoples at the Bobby Moore Fund for Bowel Cancer Research.  Take that cancer, you shit!

This brings the total raised by The Grambler/Gramblerzhgi to....

Hopefully the first of many wins for Sig. Tinicelli!  You can follow the exploits of The Gramblerzhgi via the Grambler Facebook page every weekend or over on that Twitter @Gramblerzhgi.  And don't forget, you can join the fundraising action by following the link to the Bobby Moore Fund on the right-hand menu.  Do it!

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