Friday 22 March 2013

Week 29: Why didn't Dan Petrescu ever present Pet Rescue?

Shall we get the ball rolling by reviewing last week's performance?  It was utter bollocks.

With that out of the way, we can look forward to this weekend's footballering action.  And it's an exciting one as international football makes a welcome return!  The game everyone is talking about, of course, is Scotland vs Wales.  And the question on everyone's lips is will Gareth Bale play?  Or will Wales have to actually rely on other players and win without the assistance of a penalty won by a blatant dive from a simian lookalike twat?  Elsewhere, the media would have us believe that England's qualification chances are in TURMOIL as a 34 year old defender who hasn't represented his national team for two years opted not to play against a team who have managed one solitary win in their history.  It's a SHAMBLES!  And to complete the home nations round-up, Northern Ireland are probably going to lose to Russia.

Whilst all of this super-exciting international football is taking the place, the lower leagues are still in action.  So we shall have a five game coupon for both the World Cup qualifiers and the remainder of domestic action this weekend.  And might I remind you that The Grambler's biggest victory to date came on an international weekend back in October?  Fingers crossed for more of the same!

International Bet
Game - Result - Odds
Croatia vs Serbia - Home win - 8/11
Norway vs Albania - Home win - 9/20
Liechtenstein vs Latvia - Draw - 11/4
Israel vs Portugal - Away win - 11/20
Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan - Away win - 6/5
£1 @ 31/1

Four reasonable picks in there, one would think that Croatia, Norway and Portugal will be victorious in their games.  Azerbaijan deserve to win because their name rolls of the tongue so nicely...  Not too sure about Liechtenstein to draw but stranger things have happened at sea.  Latvia won 2-0 in the reverse fixture but with home advantage, the 'Steinies could possibly sneak a draw.

Domestic Bet
Game - Result - Odds
Rangers vs Stirling - Home win - 1/10
Arbroath vs Stenhousemuir - Home win - Evens
Northampton vs Oxford - Home win - 23/20
Torquay vs York - Home win - 7/5
Swindon vs Notts County - Draw - 3/1
£1 @85/1

Starting at Ibrox with Rangers Franchise # FC, the home side all but have the Third Division sewn up.  A win tomorrow could put them 23 points clear at the top.  Up one division, Arbroath have not won against Stenhousemuir in the past 5 years.  They are currently 3 points ahead in Division Two.  In the first of two games in League Two, Northampton take on Oxford whom they defeated twice last season.  The reverse fixture this season ended in a 1-1 draw.  Meanwhile, Torquay host York.  The Gulls have lost their past 4 but have already beaten their opponents 2-0 this season.  In League One, one would expect Swindon to defeat Notts County but the Robins have drawn 3 of their last 5 home games whilst the Magpies have drawn 3 of their last 5 away.  I like to think that means something.

Overall, not too bad a bet with good odds.  Portugal have already screwed up the international bet by drawing 3-3 in Israel so all hope rests upon this domestic accumulator.  I am 63% confident of a win.  So basically, not very confident.

Happy Grambling! 

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